Addiction Recovery in the Spotlight at Ohio Rally

Addiction Recovery in the Spotlight at Ohio Rally

The positive side of recovery got to show its face in Ohio, when several hundred people gathered to highlight those overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. The rally at the Statehouse marked the start of Recovery Month, an annual recognition aimed at putting drug and alcohol addiction recovery in the spotlight. It doesn't seek to only highlight addicts in recovery, but also shed light on the problems plaguing the actual recovery process, and the substance abuse epidemic. Ohio has seen its share of struggles, with drug and alcohol addiction increasing at alarming rates – increasing numbers of people have died from overdoses.

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Alcohol Addiction's Effects

Alcohol addiction is so concerning because it is often not given the spotlight that it deserves, Alcohol is seen as a sociable substance and in comparison to drugs, and many consider alcohol to not be an issue. Alcohol addiction is however, one of the most common devastating addictions. It tears apart relationships and families, causes financial difficulties and personal problems and can result in devastating health implications, even death.

A common misconception of alcoholism is that it is concerned primarily with the volume of alcohol consumed. Alcoholism can be more clearly defined as an extraordinary need or urge to drink, a physical dependence on alcohol and the loss of control when one consumes it.

This article covers the differences between alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse, the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and the different addiction recovery solutions that are available.

Alcohol Addiction and Abuse

There is an inherent difference when distinguishing between the two and it lies in this simple fact; abusers of alcohol have some ability to control their drinking. When they drink, it causes many issues such as lack of self-control, negligence of responsibility or unsociable behavior. It is when alcohol becomes persistently abused and the physical and psychological need to drink kicks in, that we enter the realm of alcoholism.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

There are some very obvious signs of alcoholism not limited to the following -

  • Increase in tolerance of alcohol. It takes more alcohol to feel to same effects that it did before.
  • Withdrawal - This is a very common symptom. Shaking hands, irritability, nausea and headaches are all symptomatic of an alcoholic who has not had a drink in a while
  • Loss of control - Drinking for long periods of time, missing work as a result of binge drinking and blacking out.
  • Inability to stop drinking - If a person wants to stop drinking alcohol but physically and psychologically cannot, then they most likely have a problem with alcohol.

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