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Family addiction is a reality. Studies show that children with a history of addiction in their families are eight times more likely to become addicts. The good news is a genetic predisposition for addiction is only 50-60% based on which side of the family you are on. The other 40-50% is determined by coping skills. While you cannot do anything about your family history, you can do something about your coping skills. That means you can determine, to a large degree, just how much family addiction will impact your life. At drug treatment centers in Dayton they have the tools, the expertise and the qualifications to help you not only overcome addiction, but develop effective coping skills that preclude substance abuse.


Addiction and Family Life

The effects of addiction violate all the rules of a healthy family life. It stresses other family members to the point that they get physically sick. Sadly, most people suffering from family addiction syndrome do not recognize the connection between their illness and the stress of dealing with a loved one whose life is constantly being threatened by the disease.

Next, this disease destabilizes the family from a financial standpoint. Alcoholism and drug abuse make expensive demands on family finances. Irresponsible behavior also causes loss of income. Also, physical or verbal abuse is not uncommon in families struggling with addiction. The mental impairment caused by habitual drug or alcohol consumption causes many to be physically abusive to their spouses and even children. Overall the mental, financial and emotional impact addiction has on families is the primary reason they fall apart.


Treating Family Addiction

Helping families to overcome addiction in all its nightmarish forms is a vital component of the services patients receive when they seek help at treatment facilities. Board certified addiction specialists are committed to providing individuals and their families with the coping skills necessary to overcome the effects of addiction. The ultimate goal of rehab facilities is to see addicts and families get the help they need.

In most cases, intervention is the first step that family members must take before the person in addiction will acquiesce to their need for rehabilitation. Qualified, experienced interventionist help family members to plan and execute an effective addiction intervention.

Once treatment is accepted, they provide a supportive, nurturing environment where recovery is administered by board certified medical professionals with extensive experience dealing with addiction.

The comprehensive continuum of addiction recovery programs offered by Dayton drug treatment centers integrates holistic and innovative protocols. These treatment modalities are tailored for each individual based on a careful evaluation of the client's physical and psychiatric health conducted at intake. The program designation encourages and incorporates family and patient input. Educational programs and family therapy are also provided which have been shown to restore and enhance many family relationships after rehab.

If you are in a family unit that is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you are not alone. Find out how we can help you and your loved one look for family addiction treatment centers in Dayton at (877) 804-1531.

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