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Opiate dependence has skyrocketed over the past 10 years in Dayton, Ohio. Many women who abuse addictive prescription drugs during pregnancy have babies that are born with a condition called Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome or (NAS). Their babies are typically agitated and cry incessantly. What these babies of women with opiate dependence are experiencing is withdrawal from narcotic drugs. Specialized care is necessary for both mother and child.

Opiate dependence has also put a massive strain on Dayton's health care system due to the amount of time and resources needed to treat this type of addiction. The continuous rise in the number of fatalities caused by opiate dependence has dictated the need for programs to help curb this epidemic.


What is an Opiate?

An opiate is a narcotic drug with opioid alkaloids that is extracted from the poppy plant. Habitual use of this drug has resulted in widespread opiate addiction. The prescriptions that contain opiates are drugs like codeine and morphine, which were intended to be pain killers. However, when abused, they give the feeling of euphoria, and this is how dependency begins. The poppy plant is also used to make heroin, which is one reason people segue easily from prescription drug addiction to become heroin addicts.

Symptoms of opiate dependence include:

  • Always taking more of the drug than prescribed
  • Making appointments to more than one doctor simultaneously in order to stock up on the drugs
  • Hiding from friends and family in order to use the drug
  • Becoming sick when not taking the drug
  • Using an excuse to borrow money in order to purchase these drugs
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when drug is halted
  • Erratic behavior when using opiates


Treating opiates addiction has various levels of complexities. In many cases, the patient is still suffering with chronic pain from the illness that drove them to use opiates in the first place. While detox is an important aspect of treatment when addiction is present, these patients will also need to participate in a pain management program, since it is possible that they will continue to require some type of medication or coping mechanism to deal with pain.

At intake, they conduct a comprehensive psychological and biomedical assessment of each patient to make an accurate diagnosis of their condition. Based on this profile, they are then able to design a treatment program that is tailored to their specific needs. Treatment programs typically includes protocols from both conventional and holistic treatment modalities. This approach allows the patient to experience a fully-integrated program.

The primary goal is for every patient to enjoy long term sobriety. With full understanding of the events, places and circumstances that trigger drug abuse as well as how to manage pain using alternative methods, freedom from opiate addiction becomes a reality.

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