Mobile Monitoring Devices for Alcohol Relapse

Drug treatment centers in Dayton OH can provide mobile monitoring devices to help prevent alcohol relapse which is a very necessary tool due to the increasing amount of relapse patients. These devices are known to greatly reduce the relapse rates.

Alcohol relapse is a prevalent and problematic issue. Mobile monitoring devices for alcohol relapse are gadgets used to measure breath alcohol level or Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC), and in some cases, pulse rate. These devices provide the data that is used to determine whether an individual is about to or has already experienced an alcohol relapse. These also transmit alcohol relapse data via Wi-Fi using cell phone technology to a central monitoring system for assessment of the information received.

These tools are handheld and require the individual to blow into the device several times per day to monitor alcohol levels in the body. These units also have face recognition technology to ensure that the correct person is being monitored. The ones that monitor pulse rate are either strapped to the ankle or wrist. Some even have GPS built in to pin point the exact location of the patient.

Recovering alcoholics have a very high rate of recidivism, especially during the first two years of being sober. The use of mobile monitoring devices is designed to prevent or stop a relapse. When signs of a relapse are indicated, assistance can be provided via a telephone call, text message or even sending someone in person to provide support and advice to the recovering alcoholic.

The use of these devices is also intended to help the person in recovery to cope with stressful situations that may trigger a relapse such as:

  • Having an argument with a loved one
  • Being offered a drink in a social environment
  • Dealing with the sudden death in the family, etc.

No matter what the situation is that causes the sudden urge to drink, with the use of these devices, help can be dispatched right away. Without this type of intervention, a relapse event is more likely to occur.

Mobile monitoring devices for alcohol relapse prevention are innovative tools that are helping recovering addicts to maintain their sobriety. This is especially important for those who do not have a good support system in place. After spending all the time and resources for alcohol rehabilitation to get back on track in their lives, these innovative tools provide a much needed relapse defense.

These devices are very inconspicuous. Some have the appearance of wrist watches, while others are worn on the ankle so that they can be concealed under clothing. Other breath checking instruments look like mini shavers and can be easily concealed inside a bag or purse.

Similar devices, currently under development, are units that can be placed inside the body to monitor alcohol levels. Designers foretell that these will also be able to dispense medication remotely and wirelessly to administer drugs that can calm a patient in stressful situations. In the event of an overdose event, lifesaving drugs can also be dispensed until help arrives.

For further information on these and other mobile relapse prevention monitoring devices call alcohol relapse treatment centers in Dayton.

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