Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms Dayton

Psychological dependence on Adderall is growing among young adults in Dayton. More and more University students are falling prey to prescription drug abuse. The appeal of this highly addictive drug is the ability to enhance concentration and mental performance. These are attributes young adults need when burning the candle at both ends. The downside to this benefit is negative Adderall withdrawal symptoms.

Dependency upon this drug begins to manifest when users no longer need the drug and abruptly stop using it. Adderall withdrawal is a rude awakening, and the primary cause of dependence. The severity and duration of Adderall withdrawal symptoms drive people to use the drug just to alleviate the discomfort. The problem with this forced use is that it sets up the individual for increased tolerance and addiction.


Withdrawal Symptoms

The severity of Adderall withdrawal symptoms is based on several variables, including the general health and genetics of the individual. Although for most people with Adderall dependency, the withdrawal symptoms usually subside without complications within a week or so, it is impossible to specifically predict who will suffer the most and how long the suffering will last.

The following represent symptoms typically associated with Adderall withdrawal:

  • A sensation of crawling out of your skin or extreme irritability
  • Extreme fatigue or lethargy and the desire to lie down, but are unable to sleep.
  • Confusing and unreasonable feelings of anxiety
  • Severe depression and irrational suicidal thoughts
  • Uncontrollable anger, aggressiveness and in some cases, violent behavior
  • Paranoia

College students in Dayton are not the only people abusing this drug. Adderall is now frequently prescribed as a maintenance drug for adults. This drug was primarily used for Attention Deficit Disorder in children. The significant difference in the effects this drug has on adults versus children is that it takes longer to leave the body in adults. Also, physicians prescribe larger doses and longer treatment periods for adults than they do for children.



The elimination of Adderall from the body has the potential for serious complications. For this reason, medical detox is recommended so that the withdrawal process can occur safely without relapsing. At treatment centers in Dayton, detoxification clinicians are all trained to handle medical emergency trauma situations. As a result, they are able to provide patients who experience severe withdrawal symptoms, with the appropriate level of care.

People with a high tolerance level for this drug should not try to detox on their own because of the depressive side effects that may lead to suicide.

Rehabs' approach for withdrawal from Adderall involves a gradual reduction for a slower elimination process. This method has been shown to maintain a greater level of stability during the detoxification procedure. After detox, rehabilitation treatment is augmented with cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps patients to understand the psychological drivers behind their addiction.

The goal of treatment is for every client to experience long term sobriety. As a result, they have designed a comprehensive relapse prevention education and training module. This process helps recovering addicts to understand relapse triggers and learn effective coping mechanism to help them avoid or prevent recidivism. Since relapse is a part of addiction, training emphasizes the importance of interception at onset to prevent a return to drug use.


Adderall withdrawal symptoms have the power to perpetuate addiction. If you or a loved one has become dependent on this drug, seek help as soon as possible. Call Drug Treatment Centers Dayton today at (877) 804-1531. We can help you find rehabs and let you know of your options.

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