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Substance Abuse Inpatient Rehab for Alcoholism

What is Substance Abuse Inpatient Rehab?...   Residential alcohol rehab is a treatment center that specializes in providing inpatient alcohol rehab treatment services. The purpose of residential alcohol rehab programs, is to provide recovering alcohol abusers and alcoholics with the opportunit... Read More

Dayton Addiction Detox Centers

Did you know that Dayton addiction detox centers offer medical support so you can get clean and start rehabilitation right away?...   When you decide to quit abusing a substance - whether it's drugs and/or alcohol - your body will face chemical imbalances that may leave you feeling uncomfortab... Read More

Phencyclidine Addiction

Get Informed: A Phencyclidine Addiction Can Ruin Your Life...   Phencyclidine addiction is a serious problem. Educate yourself to be aware of the signs. Phencyclidine- or PCP - is a synthetic illegal substance that offers highly anesthetic properties. While it was initially developed as an ane... Read More

Helping your Child get Addiction Treatment

Helping your Child get Addiction Treatment - (877) 804-1531...   No one is exempt from losing a child to addiction. Good parents and so called bad parents have stood at the graveside of a beloved child and wondered what went wrong. Many of these parents did everything that they could ... Read More

Addiction Recovery in the Spotlight at Ohio Rally

Addiction Recovery in the Spotlight at Ohio Rally...   The positive side of recovery got to show its face in Ohio, when several hundred people gathered to highlight those overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. The rally at the Statehouse marked the start of Recovery Month, an annual recognitio... Read More

Mobile Monitoring Devices for Alcohol Relapse

Drug treatment centers in Dayton OH can provide mobile monitoring devices to help prevent alcohol relapse which is a very necessary tool due to the increasing amount of relapse patients. These devices are known to greatly reduce the relapse rates. Alcohol relapse is a prevalent and problematic issue... Read More

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