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The need for prescription drug treatment is critical as addiction to pain medication has climbed to epidemic levels in Dayton. For these sufferers, prescription drug treatment may be the only way back to a normal life. The nation's drug epidemic is being fueled in part by easy access to prescription drugs. Doctors prescribe drugs daily that contain addictive properties. Sadly, patients sometimes fail to understand the strength of these drugs. With continued use, they can become addicted, and ultimately, require prescription drug treatment. Also, well-meaning friends or family try to help each other by sharing their drugs. Often they are totally unaware of the consequences.

Prescription drug treatment is the therapy that is needed to help patients recover from prescription drug addiction. Treatment has to be tailored to each individual's specific case, and at treatment centers, this is precisely what they are about. Their teams of certified medical professionals evaluates and treats each case separately. This helps to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery. Each substance abuse patient goes through an extensive assessment process that includes a complete physical and psychological review in order to accurately diagnose for the most effective treatment.

Detox Process

In most cases, the first step is drug detoxification. This is the process of gradually reducing the amount of drugs in the body by halting drug use or by decreasing the dosage day by day in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms. They offer several detoxification programs, depending on the result of the patient's assessment:

In-patient Medical Detox: This option is highly recommended as the patient is allowed to detox at the facility and monitored twenty four hours a day. In the event of medical complications, appropriate treatment can be promptly administered.

Partial Hospitalization: This option allows patients to be at the rehab center for several hours a day for monitoring, but they are allowed to go home at night.

Intensive outpatient program: This option allows patients to continue with their daily lives, but they must report to the rehab center for a number of hours per week.

The Rehab Process

The rehabilitation process is where the hard work of recovery begins. Those in the residential rehab program live at our facility for up to 30 days or more. This is the most intense treatment protocol. Studies show that the longer an addict remains in treatment, the more successful they are at achieving long term sobriety. This extra time enables underlying issues such as "Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome" (PAWS) or any mental disorders to be addressed in a timely manner.

Once the rehabilitation process is over, patients can resume their regular lives knowing that they have the support of the friends and mentors from rehab centers to assist in the event that a problem arises. There is also a transitory program for those patients who are concerned about returning to their communities directly after rehab. Sober Living Community programs enable recovering addicts to live in a completely drug and alcohol free environment while assimilating back into society. Although this environment mimics regular living, there are special guidelines to enable strong support and security for the residents. These patient are allowed to work or spend time with family and return to the sober living community each night. This program has been very successful in reducing recidivism rates.

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